The New Year…

Posted on December 28th, 2015

The New Year is almost here….
Many of you will start the year on FIRE with a VISION until you meet your first obstacle, and then you’ll RETREAT.

You are SMART and STRONG. That obstacle only becomes a failure when treated as a failure.

Failures are gifts in wolf’s clothing. Failures are the steps to SUCCESS. Nothing more. LEVERAGE them to produce something even better.

Let’s ALL make 2016 our best year yet!


happy new year 2016









Regular Routines and Steady Disciplines

Posted on December 27th, 2015

I believe that regular routines and steady disciplines are true for most successful leaders.
Why? Because the secret to your success can be found in your daily agenda.

The first step in determining your daily routine is figuring out what really matters to you.
You can’t prioritize if you don’t know your priorities.

If you need a starting point, feel free to use my list below as a starting point for your success in 2016

1. Attitude: I will display the right outlook daily.
2. Priorities: I will act on the things most important to me daily.
3. Health: I will follow healthy guidelines daily.
4. Family: I will communicate with and care for my loved ones daily.
5. Thinking: I will practice good thoughts daily.
6. Commitment: I will make and keep proper promises daily.
7. Finances: I will properly manage dollars daily.
8. Generosity: I will model kindness daily.
9. Values: I will embrace good standards daily.
10. Growth: I will seek improvements daily.

If your routine is going to be effective and successful,  prepare the night before.
Before you go to sleep, do two things.

First, reflect on the day that’s ending.
You will never make the most of the new day that’s coming until you evaluate the day that has passed.
Ask yourself, who did I help?  What did I learn?  Did I do my best?

Second,  look at the next day to see what you need to accomplish.
I know I can’t be at the top of my game every minute of the day.
So I look at my schedule and to-do list and decide what will be my main event.

Then I make certain I can give my all to that most important thing.
Don’t try to prioritize your whole life, just prioritize the day.
If you can figure out the best possible way to spend 4, 8 or 12 hours, you can be successful.

Because I wake up knowing how I will spend my day, I’m able to hit the ground running.
That leaves me with just one question to consider each morning:
How can I add value to people today?

Asking this puts me in the right frame of mind as I approach my responsibilities.
I want to make a difference. If I look for ways to add value to those I encounter,
I will likely be satisfied with how I use my day.

Give Your Best
Parts of my day are routinely the same:
I prepare at night. I try to carve out time to exercise.
If it’s cardio day, I listen to an audio to get my Mindset right for the day.

Next it’s time to check in on my social sites.
I do this 3 times a day so don’t feel you have to complete the below steps the first time you log in.

Scroll through the news feed and congratulate others on their success.
Send those birthday wishes, post a message or inspirational picture.
Then move on, don’t get lost in the distractions.
It’s important to stay on track…YOUR future matters more then watching that funny video.

Then my day varies.
Sometimes, like any normal mom, I have your typical housework, laundry or errands to run.

After lunch I’ll check into my social sites again which means it’s time to post, like or perhaps
start a conversation with someone whom you have not chatted with before.
Focused completely on them and your conversation with them.
Make them feel important because they are.
Remember…Keep your time on these sites short to avoid distractions.

Whatever the day holds, try to give your best.
Success in life and leadership consists of being good in the moment.

If you can be totally present physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, you will become a “100-percenter,”.  Those people are the ones who rise to the top and make a difference.
Learn to add value to people and you’ll have a successful day.

But how do you sustain the above over the long haul?
By adding value to yourself every day.

I grow by practicing what I call the “Rule of Five”—five things that I do every day:

1. Read. I am constantly feeding my mind. I try to read a book every week.
I also listen to podcasts and other audio messages.

2. File. It’s not enough just to read. The No. 1 time-waster for most people is searching for lost items.
Whenever I find a good quote or idea, I file it. That way I can retrieve it within seconds or minutes because I am organized.

3. Think. Perhaps the most valuable thing I do every day is stop doing and just think. I evaluate experiences, weigh opportunities, consider how to help my team.

4. Question. Good questions unlock doors and reveal opportunities.

5. When I reach the end of the day, I repeat the process.
I plan tomorrow and reflect on today.

If you have added value to others your mission was accomplished.

Merry Christmas!!!

Posted on December 25th, 2015

To all my Blogging Friendsc - snowman - merry christmas!, Facebook Friends and Family…
This year I have been so blessed to have all of you in my life.
Without all your love and support my year wouldn’t have been the same.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!