Surround Yourself

Posted on May 29th, 2014

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Million Mom Movement Success Stories

Posted on May 14th, 2014

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How Does Failing help You?

Posted on May 12th, 2014

How Does Failing help You?

One of the amazing things we get to do in life is fail.
You read that right – we “get” to fail.
Failing is frowned upon by most and it’s been put down as a terrible thing, or a time for us to be looked at as horrible.

Failing isn’t bad at all.
Failing helps us grow.
Failing helps us change.
Failing helps us learn.
Failing helps us strive.
Failing helps us retain.
Failing helps us impact.
Failing helps us create.
Why is it a privilege to fail?
Failure gets ride of pride.
In this day and age, many use social media to focus on themselves and their own opinions, and with that failure becomes very obvious, but failure humbles us. I’m not saying it’s fun to fail, especially since it can be very public now. Lots of folks have posted pictures, thoughts and opinions that came back to haunt them, but those failures do something to keep us grounded and we lose the pride of life in failing.
Pride often destroys successful people, because they tend to focus on themselves before others and miss the blind spots in their lives. Once a failure occurs, and humbles someone, they tend to focus on more than just themselves.
The privilege of failure helps us become more outward focused.
Failure motivates perfection.
We don’t give up. We keep moving to the next better way to do something. Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” He kept going to get the needed results.

No 2 year old child ever hits 100 free throws in a row, but by the time they’re 10, and have shot 100,000 times, they might just do it then. The old saying that “Practice makes perfect” is something that needs to be applied to failure. Failure helps us get to the next step and get better at what we do.

Now, none of us are even close to perfect, but we are at least “perfecting” whatever craft or skill we are working on, and if you use failure correctly, it will push you on to get it right the next time, because that feeling of failing is not one we want to have again. When we feel that slight improvement, we want more of it, and we keep trying.
The privilege of failing helps us become more perfect in our skills.
Failure improves the spirit.
This one may seem a little backwards, but let’s think about it for a minute. When we fail, then we are humbled, then go on to perfect whatever it is we are doing, then we feel substantially better about ourselves. Failure has a way of helping us grow in our spirit and causes us to feel better about ourselves, because we’ve overcome something challenging. It really doesn’t matter if we failed foolishly, or if we’ve failed because we made a simple mistake – in either case, we feel better once we’ve gotten the failure fixed.
This also applies to relationships. We all fail in our relationships and when we do, and then fix our failures and ask for forgiveness, we mend them to appoint where we can grow and improve them. Failure actually makes relationships stronger. Obviously, we wouldn’t want to fail on purpose, but the failures we make, strengthen the spirit.
The privilege of failing helps us become more spirited.
What other ways does failure help you?

Encourage Your Team

Posted on May 12th, 2014

Encouraging a team is very challenging. You have a variety of team members with multiple different skill-sets, talents and focuses. Each team member needs to be encouraged to see greater success, and, as a leader, it’s part of the protocol to get them excited about their role. It doesn’t matter if the team member is is seasoned of if they are a newbie, they all need to be directed and helped to see the best success, based on their ability.
Some pointers to keep your team motivated…
1. Encourage individually. Since each one is different, you must take them aside and help them one-on-one. They need you to have some times where all you do is build them up individually – nothing negative at all. Since each one is different, you have to be careful that you’re not discouraging in what you do to motivate them. One team member needed to have a time to just share, so I tried to let them. One person just needed to hear that they were making right decisions, so I told them so.
2. Encourage as a group. Careful here. Most teams don’t want to hear about the top performer all the time, and the top performer doesn’t like it either. The team needs to have a target that impacts them all, so they will rally together. Continually building one person up, in a group can really defeat the others on the team. The team needs to hear good from the top, so filter out as much negative as you can and listen to their concerns.
3. Learn your team. Don’t put them all in the same category. Understand their likes and dislikes, and use those to help motivate them forward. Know a bit about their family, their hobbies, their church, etc. That helps you motivate them better. If you know them individually, then you can encourage them individually.
4. Focus on their weaknesses. Don’t be critical, or unkind, but help them to see how their weaknesses are impacting their role. This must be done and can be painful, but if it is ignored, then they can’t grow, and neither can your organization. Take the weakness and teach them how to turn that into a positive, or at least grow from it.
5. Focus on their Strengths. Make this the start and the end of the conversation, and make sure you help them see successes that their strengths have given them.
6. Use a 2-1-2 plan. 2 Positives – 1 thing to work on (negative) – 2 more positives. You can use your own idea on this, but through many years of experience, the team member will still focus on the negative, but if you just bombard with negatives, it will never motivate to better performance. It’s so important to help keep the positives high, because we humans focus so easily on the negative.
7. Team meetings are not number meetings. In sales, numbers are important to a manager, but the team cares more about their individual goal than the manager’s goal. It’s a harsh truth, but real. Have conversations with your team, not just quick lists. Sometimes you need to just talk with your team. You’ll be surprised how much better you can interact with them long term
8. Set a team goal. Not just numbers. Use productivity stats, or some other category that would keep the team motivated, and have some sort of simple reward. Team rewards cause the group to focus on their individual performance, and the company goals.
9. Reward often. This might need to be number one. This doesn’t have to be in a compensation plan. It can be a candy bar, a cup of coffee, a note, an email, a “You’re #1” mug, or any other kind of simple thing, but do it regularly. Your team will be motivated, and you’ll impact the culture. Do you want your team excited to come to work with you? By giving little motivations along the way, you will create a team that wants to work for and with you.
10. Share your real feelings. A lot of leaders feel like they can’t be open or share themselves with their team. They look at it as weakness, but it’s not. It’s a time to remind your people that you are a human, just like them. Share some personal stories, some business failures, some life changing moments, and even some challenges in your role. They will connect with those things and open up to you. I’ve done this many times, and it creates relationships, not failures.
Keep your team a team, by taking time to impact them. use these ideas, and add to them.
What are some ways you motivate?

7 Steps to Guarantee Success With Your Blog

Posted on May 12th, 2014

Do these 7 steps daily to guarantee success with your blog.
1 – Create Content
2 – Share your content
3 – Share team content
4 – Make connections
5 – Reverse sales theory
6 – Team room participation
7 – Personal value level
Creating content:
You NEED CONTENT in order to promote yourself and get leads for your business.
Think of content as your little commercials.
It does not really matter what the content is as long as it’s interesting and something that the general public would want to read.
Stumped? Here’s a few things that always inspire me.
Hot Topic blogging – Go to google, type in “hot trends” and write a quick post about it.
Image blogging – See a funny picture on facebook copy and paste to your blog.
Sales Page blogging – Create a whole page that generates a sale for you.
Music blogging – Like a new music video? Write a short blog about it.
Free Offer blogging – Offer a free e-book, free software, any offer you can give away for free.
Any NEW content will get you traffic.
Say you like a video on youtube, click on the link and it’ll take you to youtube. Click on the share button and copy the embedded code UNDER the video and then share that on your blog. Post the link on your facebook account with the youtube link to get traffic to your blog.  Once a person is on your blog they’ll look around to see what else you have to offer.
Have a call to action button at the bottom of your blog.
By the way…
If you would like to do that, click the link below.
The link then takes them to your sales video.

Would you like more sign ups for your biz?

Posted on May 12th, 2014

Would you like more sign ups for your biz?
If you would like more sign ups for your biz, bigger checks, a happier mood, YOU have to create that energy.
Ask yourself this…
How many phone calls have I made this week?
How many times have I shared the comp plan?
How many new connections/friends have I made on Facebook?
How many people have I engaged in conversation with on Facebook?
How much activity have I done in the last week to grow my business?
The first time I did this I was shocked at my results to say the least.

Get UNstuck! Do what I do now, keep an “activity log”.
Each time you do one of the activities, write it down.
Be honest. 
No judgement, just a reality check. 

Results cannot be changed unless you change your habits.
It is your habits that have dictated your results.
Your habits create your income and team.
Now it is time to step up and change them.

12 Successful Entrepreneurs Tips

Posted on May 12th, 2014

12 Successful Entrepreneurs Tips

Being a successful entrepreneur frequently involves a series of missteps and mistakes before finally nailing the right idea or business.

The difference, for many, between giving up and persisting through the toughest times can be getting advice from people who have done it before — and being smart enough to listen.

Business insider asked 12 successful entrepreneurs to share the best advice they ever got, here’s the lessons that stick with them to this day.

Don’t give up!
Being comfortable is the enemy.
There are no shortcuts.
It’s OK to ask for help.
You are who you associate with.
Get into a business where you can be a big fish.
Simplicity is everything.
Your time is a precious commodity.
An insult can often be the best advice.
If you’re not being told “no” constantly you’re not working hard enough.
Learn to say “no” and focus on what you do best.


Posted on May 12th, 2014

In setting your goals make them as BIG as you can dream!
How do you know your goals are BIG enough?
When you tell someone about them and they criticize you by saying “You won’t be able to achieve them”.  Don’t lower your goals, increase your activities.

Start by writing down your goals. Be specific and detailed. Also, create a vision board or book/journal. Do this by cutting out pictures of your goals. Perhaps you’d like to take a family vacation, a new car, a new home or simply remodel the home you’re in. Find a picture of what ever it is you desire, cut it out and past it onto either a poster board or in a journal. Journals are great because you can paste the picture and jot down what you plan to do to make that dream a reality and the date you achieve it.

Did you know…
In a recent study, 267 participants were randomly assigned to one of five groups.  Participants came from a wide variety of businesses, organizations, and networking groups throughout the United States and overseas for a study on how goal achievement in the workplace is influenced by writing goals, committing to goal-directed actions, and accountability for those actions. Participants ranged in age from 23 to 72 and represented a wide spectrum of backgrounds.  Here’s how it worked and the results.

Group 1 was asked to simply think about the business-related goals they hoped to accomplish within a four-week period and to rate each goal according to difficulty, importance, the extent to which they had the skills and resources to accomplish the goal, their commitment and motivation, and whether they had pursued the goal before (and, if so, their prior success).

Groups 2-5 were asked to write their goals and then rate them the same as Group 1.

Group 3 was also asked to write action commitments for each goal.

Group 4 had to both write goals and action commitments and also share these commitments with a friend.

Group 5 went the furthest by doing all of the above plus sending a weekly progress report to a friend.

Participants’ goals included completing a project, increasing income, increasing productivity, improving organization, enhancing performance/achievement, enhancing life balance, reducing work anxiety, and learning a new skill.  Specific goals ranged from writing a chapter of a book to listing and selling a house. Only 149 completed the study.

At the end of the study, the individuals in Group 1 only accomplished 43 percent of their stated goals. Those in Group 4 accomplished 64 percent of their stated goals, while those in Group 5 were the most successful, with an average 76 percent of their goals accomplished.

The study provided evidence of the effectiveness of three qualities needed for success:
Accountability, Commitment, and Writing Down Your Goals.

Help Yourself By Helping Others

Posted on May 12th, 2014

 Help Yourself By Helping Others

Loneliness can not be overcome by getting something; it must be remedied by giving something!

Opportunities are limitless when one seeks to fill a need in humanity!

Beginning with one effort, such as spending an unselfish hour with someone less fortunate, can produce a miracle for the giver and the receiver.

When you love your work and hold the attitude that what you do may be done on behalf of others, your life work can take on special meaning and deep significance.

People who use their talents to help and love others less fortunate will be rewarded and find success!

Seek and You Shall Find

Posted on May 12th, 2014

Seek and You Shall Find

The secret of a productive life can be sought and found!

Begin to practice the belief that you have a significant part to play in life and take steps to discover what that is. When an opportunity comes to express your talent, welcome that opportunity to live a life that gives inspiration and service to others.

Seek and you shall find is excellent guidance for living a productive life!

Each of us is born with the freedom to choose the thoughts that direct our lives. We may choose either the path of negative attitudes or loving positive ones.

When we choose to fill our minds and hearts with the goodness of life, and turn our backs to lesser things, we choose to live in heaven on earth!